Wednesday, 16th Dec, ACT Law Courts

We will gather to support David McBride, Witness K and Bernard Collaery at 9am on Wed 16th Dec at the ACT courts.

This may be the last time for a while that we have the chance to show our support for all these brave citizens, who are all suffering a grave injustice. The charges and the secrecy being employed in these cases is a real threat to our democracy and to all of us. How all these charges haven’t been dropped already is unfathomable.  Our fantastic Dr Sue Wareham will be one of the speakers.

Please come along and bring a friend if you can.

Previous Events

Around the country on Monday 9 November there were protests against the prosecutions of Witness K and Bernard Collaery.

Click this link for assorted images, and if you click on the name of each city, you will find specific images.

Also below is a downloadable report, courtesy of Sister Susan.

Rally for Witness K outside ACT courts, 12 Oct 2020
Supporters of open justice rally for Witness K outside the ACT Law Courts, 12 October 2020