6pm, Wednesday 31st March, ANU online webinar, ‘Secrecy and Spying, the Trials of Bernard Collaery and Witness K

Speakers will be Nicholas Cowdery, Pauline Wright, Kieran Pender, and Rebecca Anian-Welsh. The moderator is Prof Kim Rubenstein.

Previous Events

A rally was held in Perth, 19 February, outside Defence Minister Linda Reynold’s office. A great turnout and a great event all around. Thanks to all who attended for their continued support for justice!

Around the country on Monday 9 November, 2020 there were protests against the prosecutions of Witness K and Bernard Collaery.

Click this link for assorted images, and if you click on the name of each city, you will find specific images.

Also below is a downloadable report, courtesy of Sister Susan.

Rally for Witness K outside ACT courts, 12 Oct 2020
Supporters of open justice rally for Witness K outside the ACT Law Courts, 12 October 2020